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Fate Saga: Lift All the Things by neo-dragon Fate Saga: Lift All the Things by neo-dragon
This was a set of sketches I did for fun.  I like drawing character interactions, and got the idea to see how each character would lift another, if they could and for what circumstances. 

Cain's pretty strong so he can lift just about everyone but Seiron.  He himself is pretty heavy so I didn't add anyone lifting him (though Seiron and Rori could, and both have in other images). 

Rori's little, but she's condensed like a brick, so only Seiron and Cain can lift her easily (though Rori hates being picked up without permission, so she's about to claw Cain's face off).  Larkspur and Guile would have to drag her.  Cyrus can lift her but he couldn't carry her far and it's a lot harder if she's dead weight. 

Larkspur's very affectionate so she's enjoying it whether it's Rori, Cain, or Seiron or just about anyone but Guile (because he'd try to make it flirty and she's not about that) or one of the villains. 

Rori's probably the only one of the main cast who can lift Seiron, and he'd love it since it's so rare for anyone to even try without breaking themselves, but he pretty much maxes her lifting capacity so she couldn't carry him far or for long.  She's probably straining in that sketch but trying not to show it because she likes to look tough.  She could lift him in human form as well, but she's so little and he's so much larger that it's not practical. 

Guile's a kid.  He's about Rori's height but he's not full of condensed muscle and werewolf so just about any of the others can lift him, with the possible exception of Larkspur.  Larkspur does not contain much beef and would have to drag pretty much anyone that can't get somewhere themselves, or help them along.

Anyway, I hope you like it!  I may do another set of interactions that I didn't include here, and/or with other characters like Bianca, Lukas and Malachi or more of Cyrus.  We'll see! 
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