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November 18, 2007
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EDIT: Old, ooooold animation done in 2007 before I started my MFA program at Savannah College of Art and Design. Though my animation has improved a great deal since then (I hope so, anyway :giggle: ) I figured I would keep this video here until I have the chance to remake it.
At the time I originally posted this, I was using it as a portfolio piece to try to get into SCAD and wasn't sure if the sexual reference would be too much. Now that I'm here, looking back on it from the inside - no, thankfully it really wasn't a problem. I've seen a lot worse now that I'm here. :lol: It is an art college, after all. Thank you everyone for your advice back when I originally posted this movie!

This skit and all characters featured belong to my original story, Fate Saga. The main character here is Guile, my ninja who can't quite make ends meet with all of his failing missions. So here he's trying to make extra money by being a substitute professor as a magic school. Problem is, he has no idea what he's doing.

Fate Saga is now in the progress of turning into a tv pilot and pitch package! The pilot does not feature any of these characters, though if the series gets picked up they'll be in it!

PS: It's a pretty big file, a whopping 6mb, so it might take a little time to load. ^^; It's because most of the frames are pencil tests done on paper and imported into Flash.

Feel free to check out Fate Saga's Production Blog: [link]
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LOL! That was hilarious!
DemonGemini6 Nov 9, 2010  Professional Interface Designer
...also you've gotten soooo much better since. It's amazing!
DemonGemini6 Nov 9, 2010  Professional Interface Designer
Dana You have to revisit this one again when you can! omg it is freaking hilarious
:giggle: Thank you!! I absolutely want to redo this animation sometime in the future. I already have all of the voice overs for it. :D
Saetje Oct 10, 2008  Professional Filmographer
xDDD Dana, this was amazing! I love the part where his voice changes and gets really deep, it made me lol - "and by movie, I mean TAPEIN' it". Really cool, this looks like it took a long time, and you put a lot of effort into it :).
Thank you, Tracy! This animation took about a month to do (though during that month, this film and my part time job were all I did), I think including the animatic/concept but I don't remember. For my SCAD portfolio I was trying to finish each large project within a month so I would have enough pieces to meet the requirements for submission. If I redo it, I plan to take my time and render it out more nicely.
japanfangirl Jan 16, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
omg i love it its so funny
:lol: That was awesome!!!
Love love love love love the animation and everything. It’s all very epic and totally owns over the little cartoons that get put on during Adult Swim comedy night. >.>

The sexual references… I honestly can’t comment on, it all depends on what the professors are like I guess.

My Lecturer for one of my Bachelor of Arts classes was filthy pervert on the level of needing to be locked in jail, seriously. Even the other lecturers/tutors thought so. >(

So I suppose it all depends on the person, just because they're professors doesn’t mean they won’t have a sense of humour. You’ve met the people, haven’t you? What do they seem like to you? :3

Err... I hope that helps? @.@
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